Melbourne Migration Agent

Writing legal content, is no easy task.  We can’t use the exact wording as provided by the relevant Government Agency when describing the services offered – that would be duplicate [...]

Straddie Sales Rentals Stradbroke Island

Three parts to this job a. Write a bunch of articles about Stradbroke Island, especially matching topics that users are likley to search for.  Stuff about beaches, lakes, wildlife, history etc b. [...]

London Architecture

Architecture is a really tough area to content write in.  Unless you ARE an architect… you risk writing in a professional arena that you mess up in.  So in this case, we actually had to [...]

Christmas Trees Australia

Writing Christmas product descriptions is no easy task.  Only the photo and product specs to go off.  This job was done via an interview process with the client over skype, where they held up the [...]

Mortgage Broker Geelong

OK!  And we are away!  A new job writing content for Mortgage Broker Geelong. Looking forward to this one, lots to be done. a. Articles must be topical, well researched and accurate. b. Loads of [...]